Our Melody

A beautiful six-year-old with strawberry hair.  A mischievous imp with a delightful giggle.  She possesses a love of shoes and makeup and dress-up clothes.  She runs and plays, and sometimes even gets into a little trouble.

This is Our Melody.

Then she begins to stumble and lose track of her thoughts.  That expression on her face...we've never seen that one before.  Maybe the doctor can make her feel better.  But instead, the news devastates us all.  Impossible.  Too horrible to be true.  A brain tumor.

This can't be Our Melody.

Time moves so fast.  We spend each day in prayer.  A miracle.  Yes, a miracle is what we need.  Please, God, Please.  But, if that can't be, then understanding and strength will have to do.  Help us to understand...

Why did it have to be Our Melody?

After the shock wears off, we learn again to care.  Care for ourselves.  Care for each other.  Care for all those who don't care anymore.  The hurt and anger slowly transforms into love and wonderful memories.

This is what we learn from Our Melody.